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Postpartum Hair Loss: Is It Temporary and What to Do?

More than a half of new mothers are familiar with a hair loss of different severity. Accompanied by frequent postpartum depression and lack of sleep, hair loss can worsen a well-being of a woman, adding more stress. Is postpartum hair loss normal and how can you help yourself to deal with it? Read our blog and find out.

Why this happens

Pregnancy brings numerous transformations to woman’s body. The level of hormones is changing, affecting hair life cycle and making it longer. As a result, there is more hair on the head, and therefore many women during pregnancy are surprised by the volume and brilliance of their hair.

Hair loss after pregnancy is temporary

After giving a birth, the hormonal balance returns to the prenatal state. The hair that should have had left head a while ago begins to fall out all at once. New hair still needs to grow. It takes about 12 months to recover. Postpartum hair loss caused by pregnancy is a temporary phenomenon.

It is important to remember that hair loss of a new mother can be caused by various reasons including alopecia. That’s why if you noticed a hair loss that lasts for a long time it is necessary to see the doctor. Learn more about the causes of postpartum hair loss.

What to do

If you just gave a birth to the baby then more likely you don’t have much time left for yourself. Its a normal desire for the mother to put the baby first. Don’t ignore your needs – the baby wants a healthy, happy and beautiful mother. Your well-being is important. If you take care of your health you will go through postpartum hair loss easily.

It is necessary to watch the diet and avoid stress. Take care of your hair, avoid thermal, chemical or mechanical damage. Choose a comfortable haircut or styling. We suggest six main recommendations that are suitable for nursing mothers. Here is expanded list of tips on care and styling.

Postpartum hair loss is not easy to avoid. It is quite possible to make it not so noticeable and speed up hair regrowth. It is important to exclude a chance of another reason, for example, a disease that could have caused hair loss.

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