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Importance of Diagnosing Alopecia

The earlier you diagnose the disease, the more effective the treatment will be. This fact makes the diagnosis of alopecia especially important. Pay attention to the condition of your hair, so you can describe the symptoms better to help the trichologist to confirm the right diagnosis. It is easier to prevent disease than to deal with possible complications.

How did it happen?

Alopecia begins long before the appearance of the actual bald spots. In addition to increasing hair loss, there are a few other signs that at the first sight don’t have anything to do with baldness. However, if you have noticed certain symptoms don’t hesitate to consult a specialist. What are these signs?

Take a look yourself

In addition to the early signs of alopecia, you can assume one or another form of alopecia even by yourself. Our article about the alopecia types and the treatment might help you, but it is still necessary to visit a professional.

Timely diagnosis helps the treatment

In the doctor’s office

Any credible dermatologist and trichologist will not diagnose without first testing. The doctor will conduct a visual examination, discuss symptoms suggest you taking a blood test and check a hormonal balance. There are special studies of hair.

Chemical analysis of hair and trichogram can tell the doctor everything about hair condition including structure, density, hair diameter, inflammatory processes, type of baldness. Trichogram allows evaluating the effectiveness of the treatment. Hair analysis reveals all the secrets of your body, even your food habits that you had three years ago – if you did not get a haircut, of course. The hair stores traces of all the substances that circulated in the body. This quality is used by law enforcement and medical personnel.

Another technique is the determination of the hair mass index. The method allows you to see the pathological changes in the hair in the early stages, which is very important. Determining the IMI on the same site of the patient’s head can also help the treatment process.

You should understand the importance of diagnosing which is the first step towards recovery. The effective result is easier to achieve if the doctor and patient work together.

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3 thoughts on “Importance of Diagnosing Alopecia”

  1. zin says:

    It’s highly important to consult a doctor when the first symptoms occur. By doing so you can avoid the rapid development of disease. The dermatologist will prescribe the necessary diagnostic.

  2. Miljana Krstic says:

    My mother was diagnosed with alopecia. The doctor gave a prescription to the diagnostics, as it was necessary to find out the cause of this disease.

  3. Eunice Escoto says:

    Acute, chronic infections or vitamin deficiency can often cause this disease. If this pathology is diagnosed in time, an effective treatment can be prescribed by a doctor.

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